RENE ( Real Estate Negotiation Expert) Certification REBI/NAR
(2-day course. 16 Elective CE credits) This new 2-day Course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their
game! The course examines all types of negotiation formats, verbal and non-verbal clues and body language that true
negotiators use including field scenario examples so sales agents can be an effective
 advocate for their clients.

ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) Designation

by NAR/REBAC (2 day course. 13 hours Regular CE credits and 2 hours of Legal CE credits)
The goal of this two-day course is to prepare real estate professionals to represent buyer–clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily benefited. Also you will learn how to build a buyer representation business. Topics include: Fine Tuning a strong Buyer Relationship; Offers and Negotiations; Knowing Terms and clauses to empower your buyer’s offer! This course will lead to referrals and repeat business for a lifetime! (Exam Required).

SRS (Seller Representative Specialist) Designation

NEW! (2 day course. 13 hours Regular CE credits and 2 hours of Legal CE credits)

Excellent for Risk Management! This two-day course will help real estate professionals thoroughly represent seller clients that will distinguish you from that of ordinary real estate agents, and provide a quality and degree of fidelity to sellers that buyers have benefited from using agents that of the coveted ABR Designation. Course offers commission objection handling techniques, dialogues, and methods for building and maintaining a seller representation business including how to maintain a strong referral and repeat business for a lifetime. You will gain the trust of sellers, and as a result, YOU will BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION! (No Exam).

PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor) Certification Course

(1 day course, 7 elective CE credits ).  

NEW! CMA’s are the cornerstone of helping sellers make informed decisions about the value of their properties. Sales agents need to possess the ability and competency to provide a professional and well prepared CMA. This course will guide the sales professional to choose the correct comparables for pricing; make the correct pricing adjustments for differing features using Fannie Mae guidelines; common misconceptions about pricing; how to explain value principles to clients; how to work with appraisers in a constructive manner and how to proceed appropriately when you recognize inaccuracies in appraisal reports; and strategies and tactics for keeping up to date in your markets.

RSPS (Resort and Second Property Specialist) Certification Course

(1 day course, 7 Regular CE Credits)
This one-day course from NAR is designed to teach the essentials of buying, selling, and managing resort properties and second homes for recreation, investment and development. This course covers: Helping clients evaluate and select the type of  property, form of ownership, and financing options; Identify strategies for building a rental business or assessing the investment value of a property; Understand the IRS guidelines for tax treatment of second-home vacation and investment properties; and Use market statistics and trends to develop a business plan.

Generation Buy Certification Course.
(1 day course. 6 hour course. CE credits upon request). 
At any given time, today’s real estate professionals may be working with four generations of real estate buyers: Millennial, Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and Matures. So how do real estate professionals assess the distinct wants and needs of these generations and nurture real estate client relationships for a lifetime? Say hello to Generation Buy. Students will examine the characteristics of these home buying Generations and evaluate their expectations as well as communication preferences. As a turnkey resource, this course offers generation specific marketing tools, networking tips, scripts, and counseling strategies to help real estate professionals formalize their agency relationships.

At Home with Diversity Certification Course
(1 day course. 6 hour course. CE credits upon request).

The At Home With Diversity® course is part of a comprehensive cultural diversity outreach program that will help real estate companies diversify their workplaces and improve the industry's ability to serve culturally diverse consumers. NAR and HUD undertook a joint effort in 1998 to certify real estate professionals who are trained regarding cultural diversity and outreach and have made a commitment to a set of diversity principles. The training, built on the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act, provides participants with tools to build diversity outreach into their business plans to best serve a dynamic and growing market. This course is available to all professionals involved in the real estate transaction. The At Home With Diversity (AHWD) Course counts as a REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® Designation.

SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) Designation Course
(2 day course. 13 Regular CE credits). 
According to NAR statistics, the average gross income for an SRES is 38% more. The SRES® Designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) course seeks to instill knowledge and understanding of and empathy for 50+ real estate clients and customers. Develop the business building skills and resources needed for specialization in the 50+ real estate market. The SRES® Designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) course counts as credit toward earning the SRES® Designation, awarded by the SRES® Council. It also meets the elective course requirement for the ABR® Designation as well as the RSPS® Certification (Resort and Second-home Property Specialist). A copy of the course completion certificate is required to receive credit towards your ABR® designation and/or RSPS® Certification.

Graduate REALTOR® (GRI) Designation.

A Michigan Association of REALTORS® 3-part Course and now counts as an ABR Elective. GRI is an exciting program that provides practical real estate sales training for the novice or the veteran. The goal of the GRI program is to prepare REALTORS® to provide more professional service to the public and be rewarded through increased commission income. Benefits of the GRI designation are numerous. Designees gain through increased productivity, competency and income, while increasing their network of referrals. Join over 3,700 GRI members in the state who have earned their certificate and pin and fulfilled broker licensure requirements. According to the member survey conducted in 2003 by the National Association of  REALTORS®, REALTORS® with a designation earned over $33,200 more annually than non-designees. The three GRI courses to obtain your GRI Designation are as follows:

Classroom—$350 priced by MR.
(4 day, 8 hours each day. Approved for 30 hours broker license credit or Con-ed). Classroom course includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Online course includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Topics covered: • Building a real estate business • Americans with Disabilities Act • Business development • Residential construction • Home inspection and land use • Environmental/health issues • Technology • Fair housing in the United States • Michigan Fair Housing and civil rights • Contract law • Michigan license law and rules and related statutes • Real estate finance • Professional standards • Condominiums and cooperatives.

Classroom —$375 priced by MR.
(4 day, 8 hours each day. Approved for 30 hours broker license credit or Con-ed). Classroom course includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Online course includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Topics covered: • Law and agency • Antitrust • Misrepresentation • Real estate economics • Pricing property • Closings • Sales and marketing • Federal income taxation and real estate agents • Taxation


Classroom—$425 priced by MR.

(Not taught by Rick, but he can recommend an instructor based on location). 
(4 day, 8 hours each day. Approved for 30 hours broker license credit or Con-ed). Classroom courses includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Online course includes 3 hours towards Civil Rights. Topics covered: • Income/expense analysis • Time value of money concepts • Bankers' language and you • Current tax law • Installment sale calculations. Hands-on, practical approach to investment real estate. Note: Instruction will relate to HP 10B-II calculator only. The HP 10B-II is required for GRI-III.

Designation and Certification Courses

NAR/REBAC/REBI Approved Courses

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