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Real Estate Education Services, inc. Real Estate Designation Courses

PSA - Pricing Strategy Advisor (1 day course, 7 elective CE credits ).  NEW!
CMA’s are the cornerstone of helping sellers make informed decisions about the value of their properties. Sales agents need to possess the ability and competency to provide a professional and well prepared CMA. This course will guide the sales professional to choose the correct comparables for pricing; make the correct pricing adjustments for differing features using Fannie Mae guidelines; common misconceptions about pricing; how to explain value principles to clients; how to work with appraisers in a constructive manner and how to proceed appropriately when you recognize inaccuracies in appraisal reports; and strategies and tactics for keeping up to date in your markets.

Con-Ed and NAR Code of Ethics

You must take the NAR required Code of Ethics by December 31, 2016 or face being expelled from Membership! We are in the fourth year of this NAR cycle.  Double Benefit - Six Hours of Continuing Education & COE

Quadrennial Code of Ethics, Parts I and II  REQUIRED OF  REALTORS ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS!! (Part I and Part II taken together as one 4-hour block class, 2 hrs Regular and 2 hrs Legal CE credits). REALTOR® members must complete a Quadrennial Code of Ethics course approved by MAR once each four years. The next cycle is January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2016. Class is packed with scenarios and real estate situations to stimulate and promote interesting discussions.
Risk Management for REALTORS, Part II – Legal Update (2 hours Legal CE credit) NEW! This 2-hour class is basically a continuation of the Risk Management Part I class listed above including case study examples. Also included are issues REALTORS® face such as handling electronic transactions, landlords and medical marijuana, earnest money deposit issues, American Disabilities Act, more changes to the Michigan redemption law, safety of clients when showing homes, and how properties become uncapped regarding taxes.