Legal Update 2017-2018 (6 hours Legal CE Credits)
This Legal Update includes some of the most problematic legal situations REALTORS find themselves in today as reported by MR, NAR and other credible sources. We will discuss an array of legal case scenarios, Code of Ethics Scenarios, and Fair Housing Q and A, and follow-up. Also included, we will watch a Cyber Scam video directed at Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Title Companies and Lenders recently published by NAR. Stay alert and avoid the pitfalls before they happen to you.

Michigan Legal Update – 2018 (2 hours Legal CE Credits)
Frequently asked Questions and Answers from MR Legal Hotline. Earnest Money Deposits; Promotional Incentives; Donations/referral fees; Agency; Buy Sell Agreements; Commissions and Referral Fees; Disclosure; Condominiums; Disclosures; Fair Housing; and Property Management and Lease Issues. Also covered are Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions; Competition in Real Estate; and Seller Disclosure Act issues. 

Real Estate Negotiations and Legal Update (2 hours Legal and 4 hours Elective CE Credits) NEW!
Know how to best represent Buyers and Sellers in negotiations, laws, ethics, liabilities, and professionalism and non-verbal communication styles and positioning when presenting offers. We will also focus on some of the most common and problematic legal case summaries facing real estate agents today and Legal and Ethical Responsibilities when counseling clients.

The Professional REALTOR® - Legal Update (2 hours Legal CE credits)
You only get one chance to make a GOOD first impression. Let’s focus on real estate etiquette in the field; Demonstrations on Agency Services; Fiduciary Responsibilities; and the most professional Hands-on Servicing Process from beginning to beyond closing to gain trust and win respect and referrals for a lifetime. The course will engage students in open forum and discussions for long lasting GOOD impressions upon our clientele.

Agency Relationships – Legal Update (2 hours LEGAL CE credit).     
You’ve been practicing agency for years and understand it completely, right?  You might be surprised to know what you don’t know, but thought you did. Still the most confusing and misunderstood concept in Real Estate today! Let’s explore case study examples of all forms of agency relationships and some of the most common mistakes and unlawful acts that happen in the field.

BPO - Broker Price Opinion  (4 hours Legal CE credits).
Course covers classifications of various types of properties used in BPO’s; why banks are using more BPO’s than appraisals and the future of BPO’s; Responsibilities upon Agents performing BPO’s; Also covered is performing an accurate interior and exterior BPO in class using overhead projection line-by-line as students fill out a standard BPO form in class using MLS comparables. Included are terms, definitions, and how to use (+ and -) values regarding differing features of comparables.

Quadrennial Code of Ethics  NEW RULES!! (2 hrs Elective and 2 hrs Legal CE credits).
REALTOR® members are now required by NAR to take this once each TWO years beginning January 1, 2017 (Coming Cycles: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018, then January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020. Failure to complete training during any cycle will lead to suspension of membership for the January and February immediately following the cycle deadline, with termination of membership starting March 1 after the cycle deadline. Course is packed with group discussions, scenarios and crossword puzzle to make the course interesting and fun!

Land Contracts – Legal Update (2 hours Legal CE credit).
You want to be the creative Sale Option Master Mind. Be the confident professional and make the transaction complete and a pleasant experience for everyone leading to more business and referrals. All the necessary forms and addendums for consideration are explored and discussed in detail.

Lease with Options – Legal Update (4 hours Legal CE credit).
You want to be the creative Sale Option Master Mind. Let’s iron out all the confusion and zero in on the details of what is really necessary when leasing residential property with options to purchase in Michigan including laws and rights of landlords and tenants. All necessary forms and checklists are included and discussed.

Fair Housing – Legal Update (2 hours of Legal CE credit).
We all want to treat people as we would want them to treat us, right? So, let’s update ourselves to make sure nobody including real estate brokers and salespeople engage in fair housing violations or any type of discrimination and promote fair housing practices in every real estate transaction. Class perked with Fair housing Case Studies and Quizzes to stimulate and spark discussions about how to handle violations.

Generations (2 hours Elective CE credit).                                         
It’s interesting to know how different generations interact with each other based on their life’s experiences. This very fun and lively class focus on Seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Knowing the differences can really boost income and gain more clients when we understand them and their housing needs, buying and selling. A fun class with jokes and quizzes.

Personality Traits Management (2 hours Elective CE credit).                                                             
Ever just not click with someone? People like to work with people they understand. Increase income and sales by instantly recognizing the four different personality traits of all of us including the sales agent. Quickly adapt to their style in order to build the relationship, gain their trust and their business. A very fun class with personality quiz.

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Rick Conley: President/Instructor  

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